CD so skladbami z Thrilleru

Na eBay sa predáva promo CD, ktoré obsahuje 30 skladieb Roda Tempertona, skladateľa, ktorý zložiť niekoľko skladieb na album Thriller.

Medzi skladbami je aj celkom nová verzia skadby - Lady in My Life

Na CD budú tieto skladby z albumu Thriller:

* Thriller

* Rock With You

* Baby Be Mine

* The Lady In My Life (full version)

* Off The Wall

The Lady In My Life: ide o plnú verziu - 6:10 min. (na albume Thriller je vo verzii 4:57)

Tu je doplnený text skladby v plnej verzii:


So let me keep you warm

Through the shadows of the night

Let me touch you with my love

I can make you feel so right

Just come into my arms

While the world goes spinnin' by

And in the glow of candlelight

I will show you you're the lady in my life

2nd Verse:

Don't need no fortune or fame

I just want you close to me

No time for castles in space

Or livin' in make believe

I'd trade it all for just a rainy day

As long as I know you'll be there