25. výročie vyznamenania od prezidenta

1.5.1992 udelil prezident George Bush st. v Bielom dome ocenenie the Points of Light Award pre Michaela Jacksona (jeden z 21 ocenených) za jeho charitatívnu činnosť, predovšetkým za pomoc pre znevýhodnené deti.


Ocenenie založil v roku 1990 práve prezident Bush na podporu občanov, aby pomáhali ľudom v núdzi.

Tu je video a prepis prejavu Georga Busha:

"Let me just say I want to now turn to the last item on the program, and I want to give special thanks to Michael Jackson for being here to help honor all of you today. Michael's work with disadvantaged young people and those with disabilities reflect his profound commitment to children. And I am delighted to recognize him as a Points of Light ambassador.

Michael, we wish you well, sir, as you bring light into children's lives, something you feel so strongly about as part of the Points of Light movement. And now, I want to put you on the spot. If you'd like to say a few words, the floor is yours, and we welcome you."