"Nové" zábery z roku 2001

Michael počas návštevy horskej chaty v Sulden v roku 2001 známeho nemeckého anti-vojnového aktivistu a bývalého politika Jürgena Todenhöfera, ktorý nedávno šokoval celý svet svojim rozhovorom s teroristami z IS, priamo z ich "islamského štátu".


Na svojom profile na FB zverejnil krátky popis udalostí počas dvoch dní pobytu s Michaelom na jeho chate, a v popise, ktorý uvádza, vzdáva hold Michaelovi ako človeku a umelcovi (pri príležitosti výročia jeho smrti) - LINK

Anglický prepis jeho komentára k Michaelovi:

Two days with Michael

Dear friends. 5 years ago this day Michael Jackson died. We were friends since he visited me in our mountain hut in Sulden in 2001. A sensitive genius of the century who lived in his own world!

I asked him for a song, but he wanted to protect his voice. He asked me if I could sing a German song for him. Me??? It was very strange. But he kept insisting. I had to sing Lili Marleen and Sag mir, wo die Blumen sind again and again. Two anti-war songs. With guitar.

JT sings for MJ. There's nothing more absurd.

Until today I keep thinking about the pillow fights with Michael, Valerie and Françoise at 5 a.m. Michael could not sleep. I think about our meditations together. We had the same mantra. About our Spagetti with Langustinos whose eyes he covered with a serviette because they made him sad.

I remember a phone call with my children who were in London at the time and did not know anything about the secret visit of Michael in Sulden. Michael had a long conversation with Freddy about God and the world. Freddy stayed cool. It could not disturb his calmness that he was on the phone with a world superstar.

Michael called Nathalie, my youngest daughter. But she only laughed at him: "If you are Michael Jackson then I am the Pope." - she said and hung up. Michael came back from the call with Nathalie totally unsettled.

We talked a lot about wars which he despised. When he was about to be awarded with a Bambi award in Berlin in the fall of 2002 he was to have a speech. I asked him to say something about the upcoming Iraq war. A big part of the US troops were already in Kuwait. Michael stared at me long and said: "You know that will bring me a lot of flak in the US." I nodded my head. I knew too well.

At night at the award ceremony in front of millions of TV viewes Michael said in his speech:

"We are German, French, Italian, Russian, African, Asian, so many nationalities. We are Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus. We are black, we are white. We are a big community with so many differences. So complex yet so simple. WE DO NOT NEED WAR!"

Michael, you were a wonderful human being and a one of a kind artist. That is why you were so much hunted like a wounded deer. Destroying the winners is the favourite game of our world.

We will never forget you. I keep listening to your songs. My favourites are Earth Song and We Are The World. For millions of people you will never die. Thank you, Michael!