The Jacksons a kráľovná Alžbeta II

V roku 1977 sa skupina the Jacksons stretla s kráľovnou Alžbetou II, ktorá v týchto dňoch oslavuje svoje 60-te výročie panovania britskej monarchii.

Skupina vystúpila v rámci programu osláv vtedy strieborného výročia na the Royal Command Performance v King's Hall Glasgow.

PREPIS ROZHOVORU S MICHAELOM z Encina, po stretnutí:

We just came back from Europe and we performed for the Queen of England in Scotland.

We’d done it five years ago for her mother, but this time it was for her and her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh. They asked us and we were honored to do it.

Afterwards she came backstage and she said, “Did you just come here to perform for [me]?” And we said, “Yes.” She said, “Where do you go next?” We said, “London.” She said, “Are you all brothers?” And we said, “Yes.”

And she said our show was very enjoyable. Her husband was very interested—he must have spent five minutes asking us if our parents were musically inclined: what did they play, what did my mother play? M

y mother played the clarinet in a band, and my father was in a singing group called the Falcons—they were a local group.

The Queen had her crown on and a pink dress with all these pearls and rubies and diamonds all over it. She wears a lot of jewelry.

The producers and the people from the [Silver] Jubilee told us that [the Queen] did something at our show that they never saw her do—she actually clapped to the music and kept time and nodded her head in keeping the time.

We were really happy to hear that; that’s really different and I was glad.